Shoe Racks

Many people nowadays will use shoe racks around their homes to keep their shoes neat and tidy. There is nothing worse than walking into your home and tripping over loads of pairs of shoes that you and your family have thrown in your hallway. And, it can be really frustrating to try and find a matching pair of shoes in your wardrobe when one of the seems to have gone missing and you have a huge pile of shoes to go through to find it!

You can buy shoe racks of all kinds of shapes and sizes and in a variety of designs to help you solve this problem. You can, for example, simply buy a wardrobe shoe rack. This rack will sit in the bottom of your wardrobe and you can use it to store your shoes. Many of us, however, will have a shoe rack elsewhere in the house for general use as well.

These shoe racks can simply be racks with one or more levels (depending on how many pairs of shoes that you need to store away). They can be placed in cupboards, under coat racks or simply put somewhere against a wall. You take your shoes off, you put them on the rack to keep them together in their pairs and neat and tidy until you need to wear them again.

If you don’t like the look of standard shoe racks when they are full of shoes then you can also buy bench or cupboard based models. A bench shoe rack looks like a storage unit. Unlike a standard rack it will come with sides and a bench top and you simply slot your shoes inside the open front.

A cupboard based model takes things one step further. These kinds of shoe racks will be like a bench model but they will have a door. So, when the door is closed this will look like a regular cupboard or closed storage unit and you won’t have to see the shoes at all.

As an alternative you can also look at more portable products if you prefer. Some shoe racks, for example, are made from material and are designed to be hung over the back of a door. These are most often used in the bedroom. They come with pockets to keep your shoes in and will simply store them safely and out of the way so the shoe rack itself doesn’t have to take up that much space.